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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  October 24, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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over 200. and more headaches for the redskins. they cannot win against the panthers. good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins now. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> rise and shine. good morning, washington. 5:00 on this monday, october 24. i am cynne simpson. >> i am autria godfrey. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> in the 40's for the most part. tralee seasonable. best chance of rain this week is on wednesday. today we could have a few sprinkles. 46 in northwest d.c.. 43 in waldorf. 44 in olney along with a
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triangle. partly cloudy to start the day and mostly cloudy. isolated storms cannot be ruled out. 69 this afternoon. more sunshine te will talk about traffic. we had an interesting call police on the way to an assault on 50 east in bowie near 197. i am not sure what that is about. you might find some the flashing lights in that area. getting ready to take 95 giving you the green light between fredericksburg and baltimore. running nicety. running in your favor. back to you. >> thank you. you can expect major developments in a high-profile murder trial in montgomery county. jury selection set to begin this morning the in the trial of brittany norwood. >> is charged with an brutally murdering co-worker inside lululemon store. brianne carter is at the montgomery county circuit court with more. >> duras election expected to get
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under way around 9:30 this morning at the courthouse expected to last about a day and a half. the crime shocked the region. at the upscale lululemon store in bethesda the stained-glass window is a constant reminder of the brutal crime that happens inside. >> something so heinous happened. >> last march, 30-year-old jayna murray, an employee, was killed inside by brittany norwood. brittany norwood was found tied up and she said that she and her co-worker or sexually assaulted. she actually tied herself because jayna murray confronted her about shoplifting. now the case will play out in court. it's not clear what her defense will be. her attorneys did not file an insanity plea. >> you have to explore every possibility in a case like this.
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>> certainly more details will emerge in the days ahead. prosecutors say they will seek life without parole if she is convicted. brianne carter, abc 7 news reporting. investigators are looking for three people who shot and killed a man near our university. 20-year-old keenan lee of capitol heights died after being shot saturday night on georgia avenue in northwest. it's not clear if he was participating in a homecoming celebrations this past weekend, but he was not a student. some george washington university students are shaken up after their frightening incident. stranger got into the west end residents call on friday, entered the appeals students' room and allegedly threatened to kill her. other students purdah banging and kicking and confronted the suspect and a fight broke out. >> we heard a person yelling. someone called 911 and told us about it.
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it was pretty scary. >> police arrived and arrested 34-year-old mergen battulga. he faces burglary and assault charges. there was eand an e-mail sent to students urging them to be cautious. now for the latest on rescue efforts following sunday's 7.2 magnitude quake in turkey. rescuers continue searching for survivors. aid workers have helped thousands of people left thomas. jummy olabanji has more on the latest developments. >> good morning. the latest numbers on hundred 70 people have been killed in the iroquois. that number is guaranteed to rise as they begin searching through more rubble especially in some villages along the iranian border. the quake yesterday in eastern turkey turn dozens of buildings and rubble. several piles of rubble are several stories high.
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rescue workers and residents have been searching for trapped survivors and wounded and in some cases they are digging into the debris with their bare hands. witnesses said they could hear screaming people asking for help coming from inside the pope. more than 80 multistory buildings have collapsed in one town. this is the strongest earthquake in turkey in more than a decade. in 1999, two - 7 >> -- two the earthquakes measuring 7.7 struck. authorities are treating people to stay away from the collapsed buildings because they could continue collapsing in aftershocks. back to you. >> thank you. libya is declaring its liberation after the death of moammar gaddafi. yesterday the leader of the transitional government spokesman about thousands of supporters. mahmoud jibril laid out a vision
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for the nation's future excesses in motion a two-year plan for the transition to democracy. he said libya would be governed by islamic sharia rule. 5:06, 50 degrees. >> still ahead news on 2012. how president obama is trying to reconnect with his younger voters. >> mitt romney going to virginia. find out where he will make its first series of public campaign stops in the commonwealth. >> will ferrell has played an anger man and racecar driver, but he took on a different role in d.c. last night why he was being recognized. >> first another check on traffic and weather on this one day --
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time for a look at traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a second. first, adam caskey with a look at how things are shaping up this morning. >> it will get school in by friday into the weekend, a taste of fall-like temperatures, and highs in the mid 50's friday through the weekend. until then, relatively mild. a beautiful photograph taken on
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saturday by mike and barbara. that's overlooking the shenandoah valley. in the distance are the mountains. also overlooking the river. great colorists from this past weekend. -- colors. partly cloudy to start today in the metro area but becoming mostly cloudy. more gray skies than blue skies throughout the day. 46 in gaithersburg right now, 45 in martinsburg, 46 in cumberland 51 at reagan national, 50 in hagerstown. more clouds and sunshine today with a few sprinkles later on today. just a few raindrops. there's a slight chance of rain but not heavy enough to really use an umbrella. by wednesday and thursday you will need the umbrella handicap. in the 40's tonight. 69 later today. highs in the mid 60's's
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tomorrow. friday into the weekend, mid 50's. i am hearing rumors that there may have been a water main break at arcola avenue near georgia avenue. less than 10 minutes ago i told you about police activity on 50 eased before 197. that activity is on the right shoulder. don't sweat it. -- eastbound before 197. 270 south found out of frederick, a beautiful ride. >> that's what we like to see. 49 degrees. >> coming up, there appears to be a new project in the works for google. what this has to do with music downloads. >> and a state senator from washington white, found dead in a hotel last week.
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tech our top stories on this monday morning. a high-profile murder trial is scheduled to begin in a few hours. brittany norwood is charged with killing 30-year-old jayna murray at lululemon store in bethesda in march. it's not clear exactly what her defense will become. a man is under arrest accused of breaking into a george washington university residence hall. police say that 34-year-old mergen battulga enter the building behind a group of students, went to a room and then threatened a female student. he was arrested after getting into a fight with several other students. rescuers overseas are sifting through the rubble of collapsed buildings in eastern turkey. they're searching for people trapped after yesterday's powerful earthquake. officials say at least 270 people were killed. more than 700 others hurt.
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now we know what caused the death of a state senator from washington state. senator scott weisman died of cardiac problems. he was previously undiagnosed. he had an enlarged heart. he was found dead on friday that at a resort hotel in washington state where he was attending a conference. he was 41 years old. republican presidential candidate mitt romney will campaign in northern virginia this week. tomorrow he will hold a fund- raiser in fairfax county. on wednesday he will stop by the fairfax county republican committee headquarters. governor bob mcdonnell and the lieutenant governor will appear with him. president obama will talk about his jobs plan during a stop in las vegas. then he goes to california for fundraiser roasted by several hollywood celebrities. those events are expected to bring in about a million dollars for his reelection campaign.
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president obama with younger voters. "usa today reports the campaign is launching an outreach efforts that will use facebook twitter, and other social networking sites. it will target college students in key states such as pennsylvania, ohio wisconsin. the initiative starts tomorrow. he is well known for his role in the movie "and grant." comedian will ferrell was awarded the mark twain price of american humor last night at the kennedy center. one of his longtime costars molly shannon said that despite his wacky persona, he's a pretty shy guy off camera. >> caught up with him before last night's event. >> i don't know if i am shy i am just myself. whether i feel like being funny or not i never felt any
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pressure to be on. >> he dropped the award after it was presented. ben ali shannon, jack black, -- ben ali shannon jack black, and conan o'brien among those speaking. the annual alumni crunch and fashion show yesterday in northwest washington, i was honored to host the event with my fellow howard university alumni. it was a great fashion show. there's a new project in the works for google. >> and things could be looking up for major technology companies. here is rob nelson. >> looks like google is getting musical. today there is a report to google is building a music downloading store that would work locally -- and work
5:18 am
closely with the global plus network where you could hear the music for free and then download for price. h-p shares could rise 20% in the next year as well as apple shares. the statue of liberty is celebrating her 128th birthday. webb cameras are being added to let viewers see new york harbor as well as visitors on the ground in real time. the cameras will be switched on this friday, commemorating the dedication. i am rob nelson. >> that will be a cool way to look at the weather in new york from the webcam and the statue of liberty. >> always a good idea. i love the way they operate.
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and we have the caller is going on right now -- have peak colors right now. let's look at more beautiful photographs. i have been asking for your fall foliage pictures. this one is from mike and barbara in the blue ridge. overlooking the shenandoah valley with the mountains in the distance. on the lower right side of the screen is a little hill. here's a close-up, gorgeous colors. vibrant colors in the shenandoah valley. this is a fun picture sent to us from linda 7from frederick county. pumpkins, a nice picture. here's the satellite and radar composite. clouds overhead and a few sprinkles possible west of the metro area, approaching the shenandoah valley later this morning.
5:20 am
otherwise a few drops expected even locally later on today, few and far between. nothing heavy. nuisance sprinkles. a cold front will drops through our area and the cold front could trigger a few light showers later on today. 69 this afternoon, but partly cloudy to start the day. mostly cloudy for the majority of the day. lunchtimes through the afternoon, more clouds and sunshine. a lot of sunshine tomorrow, a few degrees cooler than yestoday. 60's. best chance of rain is wednesday and thursday. by thursday and could be widespread. behind a cold front that will cause the mid-week rainfall, temperatures will take a nosedive friday through the weekend, highs in the mid 50's. big changes. the volume will start to grow. 95, 66, 95 in and out of
5:21 am
baltimore. looks good in annapolis and bowie? even though police activity was spotted eastbound on 50 before 197. no troubles in the district. 270 and interstate 70 just waking up. no problems between 8109. the beltway is open at university boulevard. overnight construction is gone. back to you. >> thank you. 5:21 on this wednesday, 49 degrees. >> coming up in sports, the burgundy and gold get beaten by the carolina panthers, highlights for yesterday's game. >> we will save you thousands. >> your final total comes to $33. >> coupons are a source of income. 15 minutes spent searching for coupons and i saved $200. i am making $800 an hour. >> stretching your dollar and filling the pantry, 4:00 on abc 7.
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after 15 runs in game 3 of the world series, louis cardinals came crashing back to earth in a game four, where they failed to score at all. the rangers evened the series at two games apiece. game 5 is tonight. it looked like a winnable game for the redskins. cthe carolina panthers were ranked 1 and 5. >> 200 is 6 yards and iran denied more. the redskins fell to carolina 33-20. coach mike shanahan is trying to look at the positive from the redskins' second half performance. >> there are only to read drives in the game.
5:26 am
then you have a turnover very quickly. sometimes you get a few first down, get momentum going like we did in the second half and get into the rhythm again. >> the redskins dropped 3 and 3. tim hightower, the running back was injured in a loss. capitals star alex ovechkin has been immortalized in wax. madam tussaud's wax museum will unveil of him this afternoon. that has is a trademark missing tooth smile. he is thrilled with the project and spent hours with the artists and even donated his jersey. he will debut today. >> many fans will be lining up to take a photograph with him. >> absolutely. >> and the toothless smile.
5:27 am
i love that they include that. 5:26, 49 degrees this monday morning. >> still ahead in the next half- hour, rescue efforts following sunday's huge earthquake in eastern turkey. >> year's election begins in lululemon murder trial. details coming up in a live report. -- jury selection begins today. >>
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make your way to capital one bank. what's in your wallet? were you crying? yeah. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, jury selection scheduled to begin today in a murder case that stunned investigators in montgomery county.
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brittany norwood accused of murdering her co-worker pin side clothing store after being confronted about shoplifting. good morning, washington. 5:30 on this monday, october 24. thanks for joining us, i am cynne simpson. >> i am autria godfrey. we will get to the news in a moment but we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. meteorologist adam caskey has a check on the forecast. good monday morning. >> 5:30 a.m. on the nose right now. we have an increase in the cloud cover. a cold front will drop in and that may trigger a few light sprinkles off to the west of the metro area. we have a little lax and off to the west on the radar, but that looks like midlevel cloud cover being detected. -- a little action. you could run into a few showers around romney. 45 degrees in gaithersburg, in the district right now. typical of morning.
5:31 am
49 in quantico. later on today, a 60's this afternoon with limited sunshine. -- upper 60's. wednesday and thursday you'll need the umbrella. friday into the weekend, highs in the mid 50's. commute looks ok. moving on to say 66, dulles greenway, dulles toll road. green light on 270. headlights northbound coming off the beltway. traffic getting away from us is southbound 270 near 495. back to you. >> thank you. we begin with the latest developments in a high-profile murder case in montgomery county. >> jury selection begins in a few hours the in the trial of brittany norwood. she is accused of killing a co- worker jayna murray inside the bethesda lululemon store in march. brianne carter is live this
5:32 am
morning with more on the case. it's not expected to be a lengthy trial but one that's getting a lot of attention. >> expected to get a lot of attention. beginning today with the jury selection of around 9:30 this morning. that selection process expected to last about a day and a half. this is a case that shocked this entire region. last march 30-year-old lululemon employee of jayna murray was found inside the clothing store. her co-worker brittany norwood was found tied up. brittany norwood told police two masked men had beaten them answer to assaulted them and then killed jayna murray. days later police concluded that she had in fact killed jayna murray and tighter sulfa -- tied herself up and had killed jayna murray. >> she was a genuine and gave everyone hugs and smiles. >> jayna murray's family
5:33 am
spoke out at the reopening of the store that now has the word "love" in the stained-glass window above the door. prosecutors will seek life without parole if brittany norwood is convicted. brianne carter, abc 7 news. another developing story we are following. the massive earthquake in eastern turkey. rescuers are scrambling trying to get to dozens of people still trapped under debris. demille tojummy olabanji has the latest. >> at least one survivor of the 7.2 quake was pulled from the rubble this morning after he called for help on his cellphone. dozens of people are trapped in piles of debris all across that country. officials say the death toll may not rise as high as initially feared but we do know that this morning the 270 people have been killed. rescuers searched throughout the
5:34 am
night for any survivors. they used cranes and other heavy equipment to try to move some of the debris away. residents are helping as well. they are using shovels and in some cases their plans to lift away some of the debris. in one town near the iranian border 80 multistory buildings have collapsed. u.s. scientists recorded more than 100 aftershocks in eastern turkey within 10 hours of iroquois including one with a magnitude of 6.0. the aftershocks were also felt in nearby iran and armenia. thousands of people are homeless this morning many of them spent the night outdoors intense and sometimes moved to other villages. some-- in tents. president obama has said that the u.s. stands shoulder to shoulder with our ally and is ready to assist them. other countries have offered assistance as well. police are warning about a
5:35 am
bank scam in our area. people are receiving automated messages saying their credit card has been compromised. message then tells them to call a number to fix the problem. that number and then ask them to provide personal informations, giving criminals access to their accounts. if you live in d.c. and are not employed, you could find a job today. seven eleven stores opening in northeast washington, two new stores. the company plans to hire 38 employees on the spot. that will be done at the department of employment services headquarters at 4058 minnesota ave in northeast. the widow of civil rights leader rev. fred shuttlesworth is recovering after falling at a panel discussion honoring her late husband. as happened yesterday and at the birmingham museum of arts in alabama. she received medical attention and was later taken to a hospital. there reverent fred
5:36 am
shuttlesworth died on october 5 and will be buried today in birmingham. on saturday, friends and family gathered at a birmingham church for a memorial service. >> he was unstoppable in his devotion to the struggle. it was really matchless. >> courage, you have to look in the pages of history to find men of equal coverage. >> his funeral was delayed because many of his civil rights colleagues were in d.c. last weekend for the dedication of the martin luther king jr. memorial. he was 89. a ceremony is taking place at the king memorial day to honor fred shuttlesworth and the freed but in people. there are similarities between the civil rights movement and the struggle for freedom in libya. the event is from 2:00 until 4:00 this afternoon. 5:36 right now, 49 degrees.
5:37 am
>> new details on the search for a baby girl who vanished in kansas city. we're getting a look inside the home of baby lisa irwin for the first time. >> arizona congresswoman's gabrielle giffords goes on another trip. details on why she is in north carolina for the next couple days. >> first another check on traffic and weather every 10
5:38 am
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the university of maryland department of public safety on the university of maryland campus in college park maryland are wishing you a -- >> good morning, washington. 5:40, 49 degrees on this monday. very excited for monday morning. >> that's the way to start. i want to go to adam caskey. it was a beautiful weekend. what we have in store? >> relatively mild today all the way to about thursday. friday into the weekend a cold front will drop temperatures, highs at the end of the week into the weekend in the mid 50's. 50 in harpers ferry, mostly cloudy northwest of town. 47 in sterling and rockville. waldorf, 33. later on today, 69th for the
5:41 am
afternoon high temperature, a little cooler north west of town. if more clouds and sunshine throughout the day. cooler tomorrow, high temperatures in the mid-60s. we cannot not rule out an isolated sprinkle kraut the day today. few and far between. nuisance raindrops. better chance of rain on thursday with a cold front. -- we cannot not rule out an isolated sprinkle throughout the day no accidents on 95 between rich and at baltimore. good shape on 66 and 270. normal volume. no problems on 395. this is at the pentagon and beyond to the 14th street bridge. 270 has had activity with a driver in medical distress, but that was moved to the shoulder right away if at the beltway decision point.
5:42 am
back to you. >> thank you. 5:41, 49 degrees on this monday morning. >> remembering a life of the late race car driver dan wheldon, a loved ones
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checking our top stories, a jury selection is set to begin in a high-profile murder trial. brittany norwood is charged with killing a 30-year-old jayna murray inside the bethesda lululemon store in march. prosecutors say that she killed jayna murray and then lied to police. her trial is expected to last two weeks. rescuers are sifting through debris of collapsed buildings in eastern turkey. they're searching for any more survivors from yesterday's powerful earthquake. at least 217 people were killed. more than 700 others are hurt. metros holding a town hall meeting this week on plans to
5:46 am
seek a new provider for the metro access service for the disabled. the agency is getting ready to see proposals for new contracts. the current contract expires in june of 2013. family, friends, and former teammates came together to pay a tribute to champion racer dan wheldon. thousand people attended a public motor service in indianapolis for the two time indianapolis 500 winner. he died in a fiery 16-car pileup in las vegas last sunday. he was 33 years old. >> it's not his successes on the track that we celebrate. its unrealized potential that we mourn, the person that he was with brings us together. >> his family thanked friends and fans for their support. his wife attended but did not speak. he also left behind two sons. >> that service took place just hours after and another at champion racer was killed
5:47 am
erased. an italian motorcyclists lost control of his bike and crested two others during a race in malaysia. he was just 24 years old and the race was canceled after the crash. apple is giving you a chance to see last week's memorial service for co-founders steve jobs. the company posted a link to the video on its web site. thousands of apple employees attended the ceremony? at the company posted california headquarters. he died earlier this month after a long battle with cancer. he was 56. an american couple is reported dead after a small plane crashed near the mexican gulf coast. witnesses said the plane appeared to have mechanical problems before it went down yesterday morning. authorities have not yet released the victims' names or their home towns. a six and enter woman evacuated from the north paul to new zealand is expected to
5:48 am
arrive in baltimore tonight -- from the north pole. critical to certrenee-nicole douceur. with proper treatment, she is expected to recover almost completely and after a stroke. exclusive video of the master bedroom in kansas city where 10-month-old lisa irwin left. the baby was reported missing october 4. an fbi cadaver dog taken inside the house in the master bedroom indicated a positive hit for deceased human beings. we got an exclusive tour of the bedlam on the weekend from a detective. >> we had the dog in here and allegedly alerted. there's no, but removed from the room. >> the girl's parents say she was abducted from the bedroom predict from her bedroom. police have no suspect or person of interest.
5:49 am
gabrielle giffords will be no. carolina for two weeks of intensive therapy sessions. she is recovering after being shot in the head in january. the congresswoman " spend time with a therapist in asheville who has been extensively involved in her treatment. she will be in a in north carolina through november 4. dennis jackson is reschedule part of for a trillion or so she can attend the trial of her brothers doctor. his concert promoter -- -- her concert promoter says it is important for her to be at the trial. the jury could get the case by the end of this week. hughes charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of michael jackson's. now check on the weather today. it's going to get cooler? >> get ready. by friday into the weekend it's gotta be a real sign of autumn.
5:50 am
so we have had an appetizer. >> this is the main course. >> it is coming. the desert will be snowfall, but that is weeks away. it will feel more like fall by friday into the weekend. still seasonable right now. let's look at this shot from just east of cumberland in the national park. a beautiful picture of the lake, submitted by stating davis taken a couple weeks ago. -- katie davis. and a shot from susan in frederick county of the trees turning yellow. beautiful sights especially in this shenandoah valley at this time. there are few hits on the doppler to collect evidence and metro area. mid-level clouds mainly. i would not be surprised if part of the cloud cover gives one or two raindrops especially in west virginia this morning. there could be an isolated sprinkle, later on today for the rest of us. more clouds and sunshine
5:51 am
throughout the day. starting partly cloudy, and clouds increasing quickly through the morning. notice the cold front of star northwest associated with an area of low pressure. the cold front as a line of showers along with it. that could give us a few sprinkles thitoday. and just isolated. 51 in northwest d.c. right now. walkersville, 42. for the most part we are in the 40's. that's normal for this time of year. 69 this afternoon for the high temperature with more clouds and sunshine and a few sprinkles possible. sunshine tomorrow, highs in the mid 70's, average for this time of year. and then wednesday into thursday's when the cold front six. -- hits. temperatures will drop on friday into the weekend. many of there's a we have a pretty good chance of rain. our best chance of showers all week long is thursday.
5:52 am
in the top bidders will depend -- will dip on friday through the weekend in the '50s. volume started to grow out of frederick on southbound 270 out of fredericksburg. northbound 95 traffic near springfield, headlights are northbound on their way to the pentagon. merging with the beltway, looks ok. george washington parkway, beautiful shot north of reagan national airport. metro rail is reporting normal service systemwide. back inside. 5:52, 49 degrees right now. >> wal-mart's his match in prices for the holidays. >> the hotel industry is not happy about some ethics rules involving government workers. for the details let's go to linda bell at bloomberg headquarters in new york. good morning. >> good morning. we have big news for the hotel
5:53 am
industry and. the american hotel and lodging association is blasting a proposal from president obama's office of government ethics. it predicts most federal employees from accepting free admission to conferences and other gatherings hosted by businesses or organizations like lobbyists or governments. the trade group this rule would cut down on hotel attendance where most conventions are held. wal-mart has an aggressive price matching strategy for the holidays. wal-mart will match prices on nearly all of its products in stores and online, including purchases already made. if you buy something at wal-mart any, between november 1 and december 26 and see identical item advertised or less and other retail and you present the ad, walmart will give you a gift card for the price difference. stock-index futures indicating a higher open on this monday morning. that is business news.
5:54 am
live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 5:53, 49 degrees. >> you are watching "good morning washington" on this monday morning. a quick look at all folded.
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we will donate $1 to the susan g. komen foundation for the first 1000 reporter followers. all you have to do is go to and click on twitter at abc 7 news. much more to come in the next hour. >> coming up this morning coming county circuit court prepares for news media presence this week. the trial of brittany norwood is charged with murdering her co-worker inside an upscale clothing store. a live preview coming up
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straight ahead at 6:00, is surging dental and a frantic search for survivors after the quake in turkey. >> bta and children's behavior disturbing side effects for mothers and daughters. >> a new quarterback might not replace what the redskins lost. good morning washington continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. monday october 24, approaching 6:00 a.m. i am cynne simpson.


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